Expansion module for Raspberry Pi DIN PC

October 20, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Expansion module for Raspberry Pi DIN PC
The I/O Module 16 from STV Electronic works with the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ based DIN rail PC.

STV Electronic in Germany has launched a smart digital I/O expansion module for its Raspberry Pi 3 B+ based DIN rail PC.

The I/O Module 16 can be operated remotely from the system via RS-485 and provides four digital inputs, four digital outputs and eight flexible interfaces, configurable either as digital input or digital output.

The Smart Manager 4.0 can control up to 8 of these expansion modules via RS-485, making it possible to provide a total of 16 to 128 flexibly configurable digital I/Os. The I/Os are galvanically isolated according to IEC 61131‑2 and support up to a maximum of 2,500 Vrms according to DIN VDE V 0884-11:2017‑01. The digital I/Os, which can be controlled conform to IEC 61131-3 using free CoDeSys libraries, are ideal for numerous digitalization and edge computing applications in mechanical and plant engineering, as well as industrial and building automation solutions in small flush-mounted distribution boxes with maximum installation depths of up to 70 mm according to DIN 43880.

The STV Electronic I/0 modules use the API (Application Programming Interface) of the Raspberry Pi 3 based Smart Manager for configuration and evaluation. The Smart Manager 4.0 also provides a web interface for configuring and viewing the status of the modules remotely. If using only the inputs of the I/O module, no separate 24VDC power supply is required. In this case, the module is powered directly via the Raspberry Pi DIN rail PC interface. If several I/O modules are connected via RS‑485, each module is given its own address via the coding switch on the front. This allows flexible system expansions with up to 8 I/O modules for up to 128 configurable digital I/Os. If only one module is required for expansion, the I/O Module 16 can be connected wirelessly to the Smart Manager 4.0. Further modules are connected via RS-485 daisy chaining.

“Just like with the Raspberry Pi DIN rail PC, we offer OEMs and system integrators a robust industrial design and long-term availability of at least 10 years for the new I/O modules, too. This

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