Keysight's 2021 predictions

January 11, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Keysight's 2021 predictions
Jay Alexander, CTO at Keysight gives his predictions for 2021, from AI and 5G to quantum technology, healthcare and driverless cars

The impact of a hybrid workforce on technology development, design and deployment will be addressed via software: A hybrid workforce, social distancing and other dilutions of historical work efforts will accelerate software enablement for product design and development. Software-led processes will play an enormous role in 2021 says Jay Alexander, CTO at Keysight.

Product design, R&D, testing, manufacturing/production and diagnostic troubleshooting will be accomplished remotely through software-led solutions and companies will rely on software to support a remote workforce by using the cloud and providing advanced computation abilities.

Software will also be critical to digital transformations: The pace of innovation will accelerate in 2021. The adoption of digital tools, processes and software-led solutions will change the speed at which enterprises innovate, grow, support customers and conduct business.

Enterprises will speed transformations using software that improves productivity, efficiency, accuracy, security and time-to-market by collecting and acquiring information digitally, coupled with the use of advanced analytics and data visualisation to gain insights needed to accelerate innovation. This will bring greater emphasis on new software solutions for design, test and validation, as well as for the analysis and interpretation of those results, specifically for:

R&D measurements and analytics as more experiments and iterations need to be tested and engineers will need in-depth analysis of data which will require richer automation capabilities beyond the basics.

Complex design and simulation as electronic packaging environments become more complex, requiring measurements of power flow, heat and assembly while validating prototypes to ensure that designs are working as intended.


Security will take on a new meaning in 2021.  Developers will address potential security issues, including security testing, much earlier in the design cycle.  Greater emphasis will be placed on how products will be deployed, the use of touchless and contactless technology, removing human intervention, and fully automating networks that self-heal.

User experience or UX will continue to grow in importance for both customers and providers of software solutions of all types due to the increased role such solutions play in professional and personal contexts, and the ever-increasing expectations resulting from frustrations with mediocre experiences.

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