Siemens launches its first industrial 5G router

December 04, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Siemens launches its first industrial 5G router
The Scalance MUM856-1 industrial 5G router connects equipment to the public 5G network and is being trialled in the Siemens Automotive Test Centre in Germany

Siemens, one of the major industrial equipment suppliers, has developed its first industrial 5G router for connecting local industrial applications to a public 5G network. The device is being trialled in Siemens Automotive Test Centre and will be broadly available in spring 2021.

The Scalance MUM856-1, developed with Qualcomm Technologies, will allow industrial applications such as machines, control elements, and other devices can be accessed remotely via a public 5G network, providing a simple remote maintenance option for these applications using the high data rates offered by 5G.

The Sinema Remote Connect management platform for VPN connections can be used to provide easy and secure access to these remote plants or machines,  even if they are integrated in other networks.

Industry 4.0 applications are adding local wireless connectivity with increasing demand for remote access to machines and plants. In these cases, communication needs to bridge long distances. Public mobile networks can be used to access devices that are located at a considerable distance, for example in other countries. In addition, service technicians can connect to the machines they need to service via the mobile network while on the go. 

Public 5G networks are an important element of remote access and remote maintenance solutions. They can be used, for example, to provide users with very high bandwidths in urban areas with small radio cells and high frequencies. In rural areas, radio cells have to cover a large area, which is why lower frequencies are used. Particularly at the edges of radio cells, for example for LTE or UMTS, there are often significant losses in terms of both the bandwidth and stability of the communication connection.

A 5G router allows considerably more bandwidth with greater reliability is available at the edges of radio cells and the average data rate for users within a radio cell increases.

The Scalance MUM856-1 5G router also supports 4G so that operation is possible even if a 5G mobile

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