Simulator module occupies just one PXI slot

September 29, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Pickering Interfaces has launched a single module that can function as an LVDT, RVDT or resolver simulator.
Pickering Interfaces has launched a single module that can function as an LVDT, RVDT or resolver simulator.

Occupying just one PXI or LXI chassis slot, the programmability of the model 41-670 module developed by Pickering Interfaces minimises the amount of hardware required. Also, since it sits in a PXI chassis alongside a customer’s other instruments, additional control protocols/interfaces are not necessary, simplifying test setup and operation.

The 41-670 can handle up to four channels of 5/6-wire LVDT/RVDT or resolver, or eight channels of 4-wire LVDT/RVDT simulation. Each VDT (avariable differential transformer) bank has an independent excitation input, as well as the ability to use an internally generated excitation signal. It can operate with a shared excitation signal to each channel for synchronous test. Several models are available that support excitation voltages ranging from 0.25 VRMS to 38 VRMS and frequencies from 300 Hz to 20 kHz, meaning the 41-670 family can simulate a wide range of LVDT, RVDT, or Resolvers.

The phase relationship between the input and output signals is automatically adjusted to lag one cycle, so the phase delay can be negated. Where this is not acceptable, one of the outputs can be used to propagate the input signal resulting in an in-phase signal with the output, which can then be used for demodulation. With the addition of built-in relays, the 41-670 can also provide short or open circuits for each channel’s inputs and outputs, reducing the need for external switching for fault insertion requirements. The programmable phase delay can also be used for simulating imperfect sensors and cabling, artificially offsetting single or multiple outputs.

“We believe that the model 41-670 LVDT, RVDT or resolver simulator is more versatile than competing products which are usually limited to just one function. So, we replace multiple products with just one module, which fits in a single PXI slot. We have listened to our customers and delivered a full-featured solution with innovative features that make it easy to use, such as intuitive drivers and a graphical soft front panel for simple manual control,” said Paul Bovingdon,

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