Three channel 1.5kW LED driver avoids camera interference

August 10, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
The EUCO Arena Sport Series LED driver has a one percent ripple to avoid interference with TV and surveillance cameras in commercial lighting systems
The EUCO Arena Sport Series LED driver from Delta has a one percent current ripple to avoid interference with TV and surveillance cameras in commercial lighting systems

Taiwanese power specialist Delta has launched a  1.5kW LED driver designed to avoid problems of flicker interfering with TV and surveillance cameras.

The EUCO Arena Sport Series LED driver is designed with low ripple for luminaire manufacturers supplying industrial and commercial lighting applications such as high mast lighting, recreational sports lighting, harbours, airports, and parking lot lighting.

Built on three independent output channels with a maximum power of 500W (1500W total), the LED driver has a wide operating temperature range that ensures performance and reliability for the most rugged applications. It provides precise tuning of the drive current and are equipped with dimming circuitry for DALI-2 digital dimming to allow for adjustment of lighting levels from 0.1 percent to 100 percent.

In addition to the driver architecture and circuit topology, Delta has achieved a very low typical current ripple of under one percent peak-to-peak. That is important when it comes to televised events, since current ripple can cause LED flicker. Flickering lights affect the quality of sports broadcasts and limit slow motion options for surveillance cameras.

“Financial considerations play a significant part in recreational sports lighting, especially for stadiums. Energy efficiency, resource conservation, maintenance, and sustainability are important factors that should be taken into account for any lighting installation,” said Tim Lee, Vice President of Delta Electronics EMEA region. “And using LED lighting is not just about electricity costs. The metal halide lamps still installed at many arenas can take considerable time to warm up, for instance. If they turn off in the middle of an important event, it may take half an hour or more for the lights to come back on. Our new LED drivers for arena lighting offer exceptional efficiency as well as reliability so people attending and watching televised events can have consistently great experiences.”

The EUCO Arena Sport LED driver uses a solid heat sink that provides more contact area with the cold plate for passive cooling as well as high-quality components to ensure a long

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