First automated test system for 3D magnetic sensors for automotive and industrial

First automated test system for 3D magnetic sensors for automotive and industrial
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Hprobe has launched the first industry turnkey testing equipment dedicated to 3D magnetic sensors used in both automotive and industrial applications.
By Nick Flaherty


The equipment is based on Hprobe’s 3D magnetic field generator technology for single and multi-site testing at wafer-level, under magnetic field. Operating with automated wafer probing stations and external electrical testers, it offers significant throughput performances, with high flexibility, and compatibility with end-user existing platforms.

Grenoble-based Hprobe is a spin-off from the SPINTEC spintronics research lab and designs, manufactures, and markets equipment for wafer-level testing of magnetic devices in the semiconductor industry.

“Our new equipment addresses the crucial step of chip sorting for the new generation of magnetic sensors tested at wafer-level, under high field intensity, and on a large area coverage. It offers fully controllable 3D static and variable magnetic field capability allowing the use of a single platform to test different types of products,” said Siamak Salimy, founder and CTO of Hprobe. “This is key for our customers and a major milestone for the industry as evidenced by orders already received from a number of major sensor manufacturers,” he added.

Magnetic sensors are used for various automotive and industrial applications to sense physical parameters using a magnetic field and to transmit an electrical response for further process. To validate products for end applications, it is required to test the magnetic sensors under a magnetic field. The outcome of the measurement is data related to the motion of a part or sensing of a current flowing. The sensors are used to extract positioning, angular, strength, and direction information.

The system consists of a test head with a robotized 3D magnetic generator, which includes a field calibration and monitoring system. It is built for interfacing with an already available electrical tester or provided with a full tester as a turnkey solution. It comes with dedicated software for customers to implement their own tests and to generate a custom 3D magnetic field pattern. A wide range of field configurations is available.

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