Infineon updates to Bluetooth 5.4

Infineon updates to Bluetooth 5.4

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By Nick Flaherty

Infineon Technologies has updated its latest AIROC Bluetooth LE system on chip (SoC) with the newly released Bluetooth 5.4 specification.

This latest version the Bluetooth core specification is aimed at Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and sensors as well as new smart home applications.

It adds several significant capabilities such as PAwR (Periodic Advertising with Response), Encrypted Advertisement Data (EAD) and LE GATT Security Levels Characteristic. PAwR enables energy-efficient, bi-directional communication in a large-scale one-to-many or star topology. EAD provides a standardized approach to the secure broadcasting of data in advertising packets.

With PAwR, thousands of Bluetooth 5.4-enabled shelf labels will have bidirectional communication with a single access point. Messages can contain commands, sensor data values, or other data, as defined by the application layer.

EAD enables the encrypted data over-the-star network to be authenticated and decrypted only by devices that have shared the session key previously. Additionally, LE GATT Security Levels Characteristic enables devices to identify the security mode and level for all their GATT functionality. The combination of these features enable ultra-low power, efficient radio usage and secure star networks that can be deployed in large scale ESL and sensor applications.

The AIROC CYW20829 SoC is based on a dual-core ARM Cortex-M33 architecture with one core reserved as the Bluetooth controller and the other available for customer applications. The CPU subsystem provides 256 K RAM, XIP interface for external flash, and a rich set of peripherals including CAN to enable a diverse set of applications. Built-in security features include secure boot, secure execution environment, a TRNG, eFuse for custom keys and cryptography acceleration.

The chip has an integrated power amplifier providing 10 dBm of transmit output power and receive sensitivity of -98 dBm for Bluetooth LE at 1Mbit/s and -106 dBm for LE Long Range at 125 Kbit/s to boost the RF link budget.

The chip supports the entire spectrum of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) use cases including smart home, sensors, medical healthcare, lighting, Bluetooth Mesh networks, remote controls, human interface devices (mouse, keyboard, VR and gaming controllers), industrial automation, and automotive.

“With Infineon’s AIROC CYW20829 Bluetooth LE SoC, our customers can achieve great RF performance, the latest Bluetooth features, built-in security, rich set of peripherals, and low power, all in one device,” said Shantanu Bhalerao, Vice President of the Bluetooth product line at Infineon. “This device will enable our customers to enjoy the full benefits of Bluetooth 5.4 and get products faster-to-market.”

The AIROC CYW20829 is supported by the ModusToolbox development environment which enables developers to accelerate time-to-market for Bluetooth-enabled IoT solutions. It is currently sampling to select customers.

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