Most read articles on eeNews Europe in April

Most read articles on eeNews Europe in April

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By Nick Flaherty

The march to 2nm process technology continues, with our update from TSMC showing that the technology is running to schedule if not slightly ahead.

Early, or risk, production will start next year, with volume production in 2024 in Taiwan. This is a significant move to the new ‘gate all around’ transistors. But the update from CEO CC Wei also highlighted a circular problem for the industry. Equipment maker ASML relies on chip from TSMC for the lithography machines that make the chips at TSMC, and demand is incredibly tight. So engineers from TSMC are working with ASML on making sure those machines arrive on time: Lithography equipment in short supply through 2023 says ASML

Similar challenges in packaging and test are creating shortages, with lead times pushing out to 50 weeks, says UK design house Sondrel. Distributor Fusion Worldwide looked to solve the problem by buying its own test house in Singapore: Tackling the test bottleneck in the supply chain

While the RISC-V community coming to Paris next week, a reference design for RISC-V on an Intel Agiflex FPGA saw significant interest.

European technology on the Webb telescope captured the imagination of readers, with one of the instruments cooling down to under 6K in the cold of space. And the next generation of RD-SOI silicon on insulator technology, being developed in Europe, will see process technology driving down to 10nm and even below.

The next generation of FD-SOI will be a significant move for low power and wireless chip designs in Europe, as global contract manufacturer Foxconn has bought an RF design house in Belgium to create a major wireless chip supplier for its automotive plans.

Some articles from earlier in the year remain popular. Our interview with Nat Edington, CEO of Glasgow chip designer Dukosi and plans at ST Microelectronics to build a ‘megafactory’ for silicon carbide crept back into the top ten this month. More on the ST SIC factory later.

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