Far field EM tool can model an entire car

October 15, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Far field EM tool can model an entire car
The combination of a scalable EMI far field analysis tool and cloud computing is enabling pre-compliance testing of entire systems, says Cadence

Cadence Design Systems has launched an EM far field analysis tool that, with enough cloud processing power, can model entire systems without having to use EMC test chambers.

The Clarity 3D Transient Solver is a system-level simulation solution that solves far field electromagnetic interference (EMI) system design issues up to 10x faster than legacy 3D field solvers and offers unbounded capacity.

The tool is built on Cadence’s massively parallel matrix solver technology simulate large designs that until now have been impractical or unable to be solved, reducing re-spins of prototypes. The key has been the use of the tool on the Cadence CloudBurst cloud infrastructure to scale the performance of the simulation software.

“Why this is the right time is the fact that Cloudburst which really is the answer for EMI testing without spending the money on a chamber with a 500 core simulator,” said Brad Griffin, Product Management Group Director, Multi-Physics System Analysis, Custom IC & PCB Group. “We can set all the software up running in an environment where everything is running properly and customers can log in and use the cloud for how many cores to use to get the simulation results back. This gives the same results as if you bult a prototype and put it in a test chamber,” he said.

“The issue has been the time to get the results, but this works with GPUs or CPUs to speed up the analysis so 32 cores can simulate a system. Finite Element Analysis is used at the package or PCB level and provides the near field stimulus to the transient solver. This is what’s really helping us determine the standard’s bodies compliance requirements,” he said.

“You can then feed that information back to the package level to see if there’s any noise that would disturb the signals on the board and you can validate the EM susceptibility [for EMI testing],” he said.

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