Farewell Mentor, hello Siemens EDA

December 14, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Farewell Mentor, hello Siemens EDA
The Mentor name will be phased out next year as Siemens EDA focusses on digital twin verification and validation technologies

As expected, Siemens is phasing out the Mentor name as it brings together design tools under the Siemens EDA with a major focus on digital twin technology

“In January, Mentor will become Siemens EDA,” said Joe Sawicki, executive vice president of Mentor. “Siemens enables us to bring high levels of investment in research and development, to build new products, and to acquire best-in-class electronic design companies,” he said. “Mentor has always pioneered digitalization of electronic design and Siemens brings world-class digitalization to big systems like planes, automobiles, factories, and cities.”

This trend to digital twin technology is a driving factor for EDA.

“Whether it’s startups or large system houses creating internal design teams, we are seeing new players in the IC design market every day and it’s clear that will drive tremendous growth in the EDA business,” he said. “One way to see this is to take a look at the forecasting for data traffic which shows a 400X increase over the next few years. Whether the end market is a product in the gaming, video, IoT, automotive, or medical sectors, those markets are projected to be larger than the entire data traffic today.”

“In this large system scale, it is no longer sufficient to simply create and verify an IC, which in itself is a very complex process. What is needed is a digital twin that can create, verify, validate, and simulate the entire electronic system running real software and interacting with the physical world. Designers need to not only ensure that their devices operate per the specification, but also ensure performance characteristics when running application software in the system context.

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