One click BoM management tool simplifies procurement

September 18, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
One click BoM management tool simplifies procurement
An online tool from Sourceability allows supply chain professionals to view and purchase instant offers on over 550 million MPN offers from 2,600+ vendors from around the world

A management tool for procuring the bill of materials (BoM) of a design now supports a ‘one-click’ transaction.

Designed for procurement specialists and purchasing departments, the BOM tool from digital supply chain company Sourceability provides both fast quotes and ‘one-click’ purchasing in a simple, easy-to-use tool. It is available on Sourcengine, the B2B e-commerce marketplace for the electronic components industry where users can buy from over 2,600 traceable vendors. The BOM Tool is free to use for all registered Sourcengine users.

This allows supply chain professionals to upload 2,000 line items in a bill of materials and receive offers on over 550 million manufacturer part numbers within a matter of seconds. More importantly, this tool allows buyers to transact upon these quotes with one click - cutting out the usual purchasing process of writing numerous RFQs, reviewing pricing, contacting individual suppliers and then finalizing shipments.

Procurement specialists can export BOM Tool results and share it with their global team and organization, thus speeding up the procurement process and keeping production lines moving.

“Purchasing managers need to be able to move fast in order to reduce time to market, and source smart to smooth the procurement process and control the bottom line,” said Jens Gamperl, CEO, Sourceability. “The digitalization of the supply chain enables this kind of streamlined and intuitive approach. With our new BOM tool, we are putting as much control into the hands of purchasers as possible by providing access to a truly global supply chain in real-time.”

The BOM Tool also delivers important product information to supply chain professionals such as description, life cycle and compliance specifications (import and export). Users can schedule deliveries up to 12 months and every uploaded BOM is saved for future review. Saved BOMs can easily be rerun in the tool to obtain the latest offers with a single click of a button. Each BOM purchase is also backed by a

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