The Saft Group reveals expansion plans in China

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The innovative sectors Saft is targeting for growth include rechargeable batteries for telecom network back-up power, Li-ion energy storage for renewable energy installation, storing regenerative train braking energy, frequency regulation, diesel locomotive starting and high performance primary lithium batteries for the security and tracking, oil exploration and medical sectors.

Saft is already working with Chinese customers in the aerospace, rail, utility metering, electronic toll collection and back-up power markets, delivering high performance, reliable back-up power in demanding climatic and environment conditions throughout China.

John Searle, President of Saft’s management board said: “Saft’s strategy in China has always been to support Chinese industry with high quality, reliable battery solutions, wherever possible manufactured close to our customers. Saft is bringing its 100 year experience to meet the needs of the Chinese market and Saft’s entire range of rechargeable and primary battery systems is now available in China. We intend to continue to expand our manufacturing base in Zhuhai to accompany the growth in China”.

Saft rail batteries provide the essential back-up power necessary to brake high speed trains, open doors and keep communications working in case of power failure on metros, tramways and trains across the country, from Beijing to Tibet to Hong Kong, and is positioned on many of the planned future lines, such as Beijing metro’s line 6.

In the aerospace sector, where Saft claims to be the world leader, Li-ion batteries equip weather and telecommunication satellites for their 15+ year life to power the satellite when it is eclipsed from the sun.

Saft batteries equip 100% of the Airbus and 80% of the Boeing fleets in the world, providing vital back-up power to the electrical and electronic equipment on board. Through its Chinese distribution network the company supplies all the major Chinese plane manufacturers, including Airbus and Tianjin and the regional jet market (ARJ21, Y12, and helicopters (EC17S/215). Many new aircraft projects are also under final discussion with COMAC, CALGA and Xian for example.

Saft is present throughout China with long-life, highly reliable nickel batteries for on-shore and off-shore sites (Sinopec, CNOOC, CNPC, LNG plant in Shenzhen, etc.).

For the future, Saft is already expanding its manufacturing site in Zhuhai.

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