Farnell element14 stocks Tronics' MEMS gyros

January 16, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Farnell element14 stocks Tronics' MEMS gyros
Farnell element14 has expanded its portfolio of inertial sensing solutions with the full range of high-performance MEMS gyros from Tronics Microsystems, a division of TDK Corporation that manufactures standard inertial sensors and custom MEMS products.

Tronics high performance MEMS inertial sensors are suited for system manufacturers with strong requirements for high bias stability and high-performance inertial sensors. The Tronics’ Gypro series combines several key benefits on a single chip, and features bias instability of only 0.8̊ per hour and ultra-low noise (Angular Random Walk) of only 0.14° per √h. Built-in closed-loop electronics brings several key advantages, including superior linearity, increased signal to noise ratio and improved behaviour in harsh vibration, shock and temperature environments. Tronics standard products are manufactured at the company’s Crolles facility near Grenoble, France, and calibrated over a broad temperature range, allowing for high-accuracy digital output. In addition to the portfolio of high performance MEMS standalone gyros available for same day shipping, Farnell element14 also stocks Tronics Gypro-EVB2 evaluation kits which are specifically designed to interface with the Arduino YUN open-source electronic prototyping platform. These plug-and-play system feature a compact design and integrate the Tronics proprietary evaluation software to help design engineers test and develop Tronics standard high-performance MEMS gyros into their own designs.

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