How industrial companies can increase their efficiency with 5G networks

July 09, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
How industrial companies can increase their efficiency with 5G networks
The mobile radio standard 5G promises new possibilities for industrial companies, which can have a campus network set up as an exclusive mobile radio network within their company premises. Nevertheless, the integration of the new 5G network infrastructure presents hurdles. In the "5Guarantee" project, scientists and industrial partners develop an IT solution that will enable companies to determine whether it would be worthwhile to switch from an existing network, such as WiFi, to a 5G campus network.

In the age of Industry 4.0, a high-performance company network is essential in order to be able to organise production processes as efficiently as possible. 5G promises extremely high bandwidth, short response times and improved availability compared to 4G. "Manufacturing companies are generally very interested in 5G campus networks," says Professor Bernd Kuhlenkötter from the Bochum Chair of Production Systems. "However, major technological and organizational hurdles have to be overcome when integrating the new network structure into existing production environments." This is where the project team wants to provide support.

The IT solution developed in the project should not only help to determine the potential of a switch to a 5G campus network. It should also continuously monitor a company's entire 5G network, for example in terms of reliability, data security, reaction speed and data rate. Often individual measurements at the beginning, when the 5G network is installed, yield the hoped-for peak performance values. In later continuous operation, however, these parameters may look different. With 5Guarantee, the 5G network will be subjected to a spatially distributed stress test. This gives a realistic picture of the performance.

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