Mission critical edge computing bundles for Industry 4.0

June 15, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
MOSA.ic bundles from Lynx Sofware Technologies bring mission critical edge efficiency to industrial, avionics, satellite and UAV applications
MOSA.ic bundles from Lynx Sofware Technologies bring mission critical edge computing to industrial, avionics, satellite and UAV applications

Lynx Software Technologies has bundled Its mission critical software together for edge computing in Industry 4.0.

Lynx is initially rolling out three new MOSA.ic bundles that bundle its secure hypervisor and Linux with a range of real time operating systems and connections to the cloud. The packages are MOSA.ic for Industrial, LYNX MOSA.ic for UAVs/Satellites, and LYNX MOSA.ic for Avionics.

Lynx refers to this as mission critical edge computing, which it estimates to be a $16bn software opportunity. These bundles bypass the restrictions imposed by typical embedded approaches to mission critical systems and allow developers create flexible and intelligent edge computing implementations.

The secure hypervisor technology has been proven in mission critical environments including commercial aviation, healthcare, and military aircraft and helicopters.

“Our traditional model is licensing and professional services but this is a shift to turnkey products,” said Ian Ferguson,  VP of marketing at Lynx. “We are adding functionality so systems can talk to systems and to the Azure cloud with real time determinism at the edge.”

The key is the hypervisor that allows multiple operating systems to run together but separately on embedded multicore processors. “The separation kernel is small 20,000 lines of certifiable code that configures things and gets out of the way and this gives fine grain control of the cores,” he said. “We keep the virtual machines in the Windows world separate from the RTOS – that was great for safety and in industrial it becomes more about security. The bit that’s new for us is the layer on top with multiple nodes,” he added.

MOSA.ic for Industrial adds AzureRTOS (previously ThreadX) alongside Windows 10 and a connection to Microsoft’s Axure cloud service. “Starting with Azure in first release, we’ll get to Google and Amazon when customers ask for it,” said Ferguson.

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