Mipsology, OKI team for FPGA-driven machine learning

November 12, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Mipsology, OKI team for FPGA-driven machine learning
Mipsology is supporting OKI with FPGA-based services for faster machine learning for Autonomous Driving, robotics, telemedicine and video surveillance

US machine learning compiler expert Mipsology has teamed with Japanese design and development company OKI IDS on FPGA-based high speed image processing AI services.

OKI IDS will use Mipsology’s Zebra ML inference accelerator for application designs targeting the fast-growing ML needs in the Japanese market:  automotive, industrial robotics, smart cities, medical applications, and video monitoring.

“We are excited by our collaboration with OKI IDS to supply the Japanese demand for neural network computation that supports high-speed, low-latency image processing,” said Ludovic Larzul, CEO and founder of Mipsology. “OKI IDS and Mipsology have a natural synergy and mutual expertise in FPGA design and machine learning that will result in our delivering industry-leading products based on FPGAs.”

ML development has historically centered on data-centre-based GPUs, but today’s sophisticated ML applications require the ability to be deployed in real-world situations without sacrificing high performance, accuracy of results, and high quality of hardware. Zebra-enabled FPGAs can compute massive amounts of ML data with exceptionally high efficiency, 2.5X more than GPUs, and demonstrate lower power consumption, better environmental adaptability, and a significantly longer lifespan than GPUs, greatly reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

OKI IDS’s expertise in designing complex FPGA-based systems, now including ML capabilities, will allow OKI IDS customers to reach a multi-billion dollar ML enabled system market faster with high quality solutions.

“Mipsology is the perfect partner to help us expand our ML development support services on FPGAs,” said Satoshi Shimizu, President and CEO, OKI IDS. “We expect the Japanese market for high-speed systems integrating ML and other functions into FPGAs to grow rapidly and substantially. FPGAs have no competition when it comes to adaptability, high performance, and high quality.”

OKI IDS’s expertise in integrating multiple functions in the same FPGA with Zebra enables the company to quickly adapt products to new evolutions of ML. One solution designed by OKI IDS can adapt over many years to the new needs demanded by that

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