Cree expands CR series LED downlights for residential and commercial applications

July 24, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
LED lighting technology company Cree, Inc., has introduced a new 4-inch CR4 LED downlight and a higher lumen output 6-inch downlight. The new six-inch CR6 downlight uses 87 percent less energy than comparable incandescent lighting and delivers payback in less than one year in many commercial installations, the company claims.

Both new products are powered by Cree's proprietary TrueWhite technology to deliver exceptional 90+ CRI. This technology delivers high light quality and maintains color consistency over the rated lifetime of the product, all while maintaining high luminous efficacy, the company claims. The downlights can easily be installed into most standard 4-inch and 6-inch recessed housings – making them suitable for use in both residential and light commercial, new construction or retrofit, applications. 

The CR4 LED downlight delivers 575 lumens and more than 60 lumens per watt and is a direct replacement for a 50 Watt 4-inch incandescent downlight. The new CR6 LED downlight delivers up to 800 lumens and up to 67 lumens per watt and is a direct replacement for a 90 Watt 6-inch incandescent downlight. The CR Series is dimmable to 5 percent, is designed to last 50,000 hours and features a five-year warranty. 

The new CR Series is qualified for both residential and commercial Energy Star standards. This higher standard of performance opens up opportunities for more incentives and rebates available from utilities and other entities – further lowering price and barriers to mass LED adoption.

The CR6-800L can replace up to 90 Watts incandescent lights and uses only 12 Watts of input power. With typical commercial usage of 12 hours per day and the U.S. national average $0.11 per kWh electric costs, lighting-related HVAC impact and relamp maintenance reductions, many upgrade installations will pay for themselves in less than one year. In European markets with their typically higher energy costs, the lamps most likely will return the investment even faster. 

Cree CR Series LED downlights are sold through Cree lighting sales channels.

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