32-bit motor control MCUs have hardware accelerator IP for servo control

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The RX72T Group of motor control MCUs achieves an 1160 CoreMark score as measured by EEMBC Benchmarks – the highest level for a 5V MCU operating at 200 MHz, claims the manufacturer. The dedicated accelerator hardware allows the current control loop calculation to be performed in less than 1.5µs, providing a new option for users to independently develop servo systems where previously they only had the option of purchasing existing servo systems. Implementing calculations in software can require excessive computing time. However, completely hardware-based calculations can adversely affect the flexibility to implement unique user control operations. With the RX72T MCUs, Renesas resolves the issue by implementing only the single-precision floating point trigonometric function (sin, cos, arctan, hypot) and a register bank save function in hardware as dedicated IP. This retains the flexibility while increasing the calculation speed. Furthermore, the register bank save function increases the speed and precision of interrupt handling, improving the device computation performance. The MCUs also include 200 MHz PWM inverter control timers with up to 4 channels of 3-phase control, 2 channels of 5-phase control or 10 channels of single-phase control.

The MCUs will be available in mass production quantities beginning in Q4 2019.

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