Continental, Jacobs University fathom out 6G in automotive applications

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The most important topic of the research project is the safety of autonomous driving and the protection of road users. The goal is “Vision Zero”, a mobility that manages entirely without traffic casualties. “Our goal is: no more traffic fatalities, no more injuries, no more accidents. We can achieve that,” explains Dr. David González G., senior research engineer and project manager at Continental.

On the way to fulfilling this vision, 6G could provide valuable services. The radio network, which is expected to be launched in 2030, will transmit data up to 1000 times faster than the current 5G technology. Latency, i.e. the speed at which networked automotive radio signals are processed, will also improve significantly. This is particularly important for autonomous driving. Because in order to avoid accidents, it is necessary to determine the exact position of the vehicles and their distances to other vehicles, people or obstacles in real time.

With 5G, communication has broken away from mobile phones for the first time and enabled the “Internet of Things”, the exchange of information from and with machines, says Dr Giuseppe Thadeu Freitas de Abreu, professor of electrical engineering and project manager on the part of Jacobs University. With 6G, the network will not only become faster, more targeted and more energy-efficient. New sources of information will also be added, such as sensors or radar, which can be integrated into the network and evaluated with the help of artificial intelligence. The scientist Abreu is particularly attracted by the application orientation of the cooperation with Continental:

The Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Jacobs University invites interested parties to apply for the position of a research assistant (doctoral candidate) mmWave/sub-THz Joint Wireless Communications and Imaging.

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