Neuromorphic front-end for tire monitoring

Neuromorphic front-end for tire monitoring

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Fabless semiconductor company, POLYN Technology has introduced VibroSense for Tire Monitoring, the Neuromorphic Front-End for preprocessing vibration data locally, right on the tire.

Introduced at the Tire Technology Expo, VibroSense for Tire Monitoring utilizes NASP (Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing) technology for reliable tire vibration analysis provided by deep neural networks capable of confidently identifying vibration patterns.

The technology can be applied to many different types of tires in a variety of monitoring applications.

As tires are the only parts of the car that directly contact the road, the analysis of in-tire vibration sensor data determines the road condition for better grip control. VibroSense can inform the car’s Advance Driver Assistance System and other systems — such as Electronically Controlled Suspension and Anti-lock Braking System — about ice on the road or a pavement change in just a few microseconds, enhancing driving safety.

“The Tire Monitoring application of VibroSense has shown high performance, around 95% accuracy in detecting road conditions. VibroSense can be used in many ways. For example, to obtain tire wear data or indicate wheel imbalance issues, to avoid fuel inefficiency,” said Eugene Zetserov, POLYN Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.  “VibroSense demonstrates how NASP can be applied locally to signal data to efficiently provide real-time critical information to various systems and services.”

VibroSense extracts unique vibration patterns from the sensor’s raw signal and passes the valuable data only for classification at the next compute point, saving power consumption for Tire Monitoring Systems (TMS).

As part of the VibroSense Tire Monitoring offering, POLYN has built a facility for tire data collection and is developing a library of vibration data patterns of various tire types, road surface conditions, pavements, levels of tire wear, and more.

“POLYN is working with several tire makers on proofs of concept and with sensor node manufacturers, to incorporate VibroSense in new-generation TMS nodes,” Zetserov added.

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