This Smart Solution makes your Robot more Sensitive

This Smart Solution makes your Robot more Sensitive

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By Wisse Hettinga

AIRSKIN® pad is a soft, thin, airtight skin over a flexible dampening structure with smart safety electronics

Existing robot installations can be made more safe and collaborative with this add-on solution. The installation is easy. A support structure is mounted on your current industrial robot using pre-existing screw locations. No modification is required to your robot. Then all you need to do is magnetically connect the AIRSKIN® Modules to the support structure and connect the modules using our proprietary 6-pin magnetic connection cables.

Dual channel pressure sensors inside the hull detect pressure changes when the pad is deformed as the result of a contact anywhere on the pad surface. Each pad monitors correct operation by maintaining an internal over-pressure of 400 pascal using an integrated piezo-electric micro pump. All pads are connected in series and monitor each other’s presence every 4 ms.

The skin’s sensitivity is independent of the contact region, meaning regardless where you come in contact with the AIRSKIN®, the robot will go into safety rated protected stop. This occurs with 5 Newtons. AIRSKIN® is equally effective for robots regardless of reach and payload.

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