IoT temperature indicators for vaccine distribution

December 03, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
IoT temperature indicators for vaccine distribution
Smart single use connected temperature sensors from Timestrip can be used to monitor Covid-19 vaccine distribution down to -70 ºC

Timestrip in Cambridge is making smart time indicators to support the storage and handling of Covid-19 vaccine distribution.

The smart single use indicators provide an irreversible alert if the vaccine is stored in refrigerated conditions (2-8 ºC) for too long after thawing from deep freeze storage and can survive the coldest storage temperature requirements down to -70 ºC.

Conventionally, data loggers can be used in vaccine distribution applications, but the scale of the current challenge means that the indicators are a lower cost, practical solution, while supporting compliance with regulations. These connected IoT sensors have also been used to monitor virus samples moving around the world as part of the development of the vaccines.

In an early case example, now that the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine has been approved for UK use, attention has turned to the logistics of supplying it to huge numbers of people. Timestrip indicators can travel with the vaccine supply and withstand temperatures down to 70 ºC, yet react when the vaccine consignment is thawed.

The eTimestrip range of electronic indicators comprises single use devices that generate a report via a mobile app, and provide detailed information on time and temperature to responsible healthcare staff. This report can be sent for centralised storage, eliminating the need to return the device itself for data analysis.

The VRM30 indicator shows the time that vaccines have been held in the chilled 2-8 ºC range, and has markers for 1, 5 days up to 30 days, making it a suitable solution for the management of many vaccines including from Pfizer, Moderna / J&J and AstraZeneca. The VRM30 is designed to compensate automatically for changes in temperature, responding more quickly in warmer conditions.

When the vaccine has been removed from the fridge into room temperature ready to be administered, a VOR12 indicator can be deployed to alert logistics and healthcare professionals that an 8 ºC threshold has been breached. It will show

The VRM-30 temperature monitor for vaccine distribution from Timestrip

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