NI extends SystemLink tool across the enterprise

August 11, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
NI has launched a version of its SystemLink test software that works across the enterprise, from design to production.
NI has launched a version of its SystemLink test software that works across the enterprise, from design to production.

By standardizing the way data is shared and analyzed, the enterprise version of the SystemLink tool enables increased visibility and control of test systems across an entire organization. In this way, SystemLink software serves as a bridge between engineering and manufacturing departments in their efforts to improve overall operational efficiencies and drive digital transformation initiatives.

The new version of SystemLink is NI’s first hardware-agnostic systems and data management tool. The coupling of test operations with advanced product analytics comes from its recent acquisition of OptimalPlus.

Data can be an organization’s greatest asset when used to make more informed decisions. It can also be a drain on time and resources when it creates incompatible silos. SystemLink software connects test workflows to business performance, linking people, processes and technology across the enterprise, from engineering to production to the field.

In addition to helping companies achieve savings and efficiency gains, the new version also frees up engineers’ time. Instead of performing time-consuming tasks such as manually configuring systems, tracking down critical assets or searching through data, engineers can focus on quickly spotting patterns and proactively addressing issues before they become a problem.

“Freeing up engineers to focus on the work that has the largest impact for their organization is smart business,” said Josh Mueller, VP of Experience at NI. “But it is also one of the core components of our company mission — elevating and empowering the engineer.”

Cree Lighting has used SystemLink for real-time data monitoring and display, post-test analysis and factory management tools. “SystemLink enables our production floor to step into the future. It equips us with the visibility to respond to market conditions more quickly while optimizing our team’s production efforts all around the world,” said Ian Yeager, test engineering manager at Cree Lighting. “Now, I spend less time managing deployments and post-processing data and more time using the built-in tools to take care of low-hanging opportunities and improve efficiency for

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