A secure wireless environment for Light Communication

August 06, 2019 // By Julien Happich
Light Communication
The Visible Light Communication (VLC) industry is growing at a rapid rate and is set to exceed ten billion devices by 2023, according to HomeGrid Forum President Dr Len Dauphinee.

Speaking ahead of DEF CON 27,  a hacker convention that takes place immediately after Black Hat USA 2019, Dr Dauphinee highlighted the potential that VLC has for environments where there is sensitive information that could be the target of a cyberattack. These environments include financial institutions, government buildings, critical businesses and military bases.

“VLC is a wireless technology with a unique ability to support specific use cases and eliminate common issues in environments - particularly where there are concerns surrounding security,” said Dr Dauphinee. “VLC requires a line of sight between a light source and a connected device, meaning VLC eliminates the risk of data interception by outsiders which are out of sight. It offers a vastly enhanced security platform that other technologies cannot provide, which is crucial in environments where sensitive data is transmitted.”

What’s more, VLC is known to deliver low latency and to offer larger bandwidths than the radio frequency spectrum where Wi-Fi operates.

The hybrid combination of a G.hn wired network with a VLC wireless network can provide a secure, robust, and flexible connectivity solution for any environment without requiring new infrastructure. G.hn can use existing powerlines, coaxial cable or telephone wires and VLC can use existing LED lighting with the addition of a modulator.

This is an exciting time as the drive towards VLC gathers momentum. At CES, we announced HomeGrid Forum was expanding to include VLC, Smart Grids, the IoT and Connected Cars to reflect the role that a G.hn backbone can play in these technologies,” explained Dr Dauphinee.  “The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) followed this by announcing that a new ITU standard for VLC (ITU G.9991) based on G.hn would establish the foundations for the growth of the VLC market whilst  market leaders have recently announced a slew of new products using G.9991 based products.”

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