COM Express starter kit targets computer-on-module designs

COM Express starter kit targets computer-on-module designs

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Kontron's new COM Express Starterkit Type 6 focuses on developing and evaluating new systems based on the latest COM Express pin-out Type 6 Computer-on-Modules. The new starterkit promises application designers straight-forward and fast access to the complete feature set of the latest COM Express pin-out Type 6 basic and compact Computer-on-Modules.
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Type 6 Computer-On-Modules offer increased performance and energy-efficiency as well as native support for the latest advanced display options, higher serial bandwidth and future-oriented interfaces such as USB 3.0. The company claims the kit can be assembled in minutes, allowing developers to immediately begin platform evaluation.

The PCI-Express support of the Kontron COM Express Starterkit Type 6 addresses industry demands to move from parallel communication towards purely serial embedded systems designs with higher bandwidth and transfer rates. At the same time, the Kontron COM Express Starterkit Type 6 also utilizes the full feature set of the latest Intel and AMD processor platforms, which no longer offer parallel interfaces like IDE and PCI.

By focusing on future-oriented technologies, and eliminating unnecessary bridges and switches, designs based on COM Express Type 6 Computer-On-Modules are a cost-effective solution to meet the needs of modern applications. The new Starterkit is the ideal platform for evaluating and developing a broad spectrum of innovative applications in markets such as Gaming, Digital Signage, Medical, Automation and Military/Aerospace.

The base of the Kontron COM Express Starterkit Type 6 is the Kontron COM Express Eval Type 6 carrierboard in the ATX form factor. The ATX form factor provides all the interfaces for future-oriented solutions including elements that serve graphics and I/O-intensive applications. With one PCI Express Graphics port (PEG), PCIe x4, two PCIe x1 slots, one miniPCIe and 1x Express Card connector with USB it provides ample space for application-specific extensions.

Graphics outputs include 2x Display Port, 1x VGA supply plus an FCC connector for LVDS allowing developers to connect any common panel or monitor, even for dual screen applications, without the need for additional interface cards. To support the need for additional storage media, the COM Express Type 6 carrier board features 4x SATA ports.

Further interfaces include: 4x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0, 1x Ethernet and 3 in 1 audio out for HD-Audio. Two serial RX/TX connectors round off the feature set. The Kontron COM Express Starterkit Type 6 contains all the cables and accessories needed for a quick start. Also included in the kit is a USB 3.0 stick (backward compatible with USB 2.0) with manuals and data sheets. Application designers only need to select and purchase the Computer-on-Module in the COM Express basic or compact form factor which fits their performance requirements.

Customers can choose between the Kontron COM Express basic Computer-on-Module ETXexpress-SC which can be scaled according to performance requirements up to the 2nd generation Quad-Core Intel Core i7 processor or the Kontron COM Express compact Computer-on-Module microETXexpress-OH with the AMD Embedded G-Series Advanced Processing Unit (APU) for applications with higher graphic performance and energy-efficiency demands.

Samples of the Kontron COM Express Starterkit Type 6 are available now with series production scheduled for August. For more information on the Kontron COM Express Starterkit Type 6, click here

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