Fraunhofer IIS joins Sonical’s Headphone 3.0 platform

Fraunhofer IIS joins Sonical’s Headphone 3.0 platform

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By Nick Flaherty

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Fraunhofer IIS in Germany is adding its Cingo audio technology to Sonical’s next generation headphone platform.

Fraunhofer Cingo is a binaural rendering technology created to bring dynamic spatial audio into everyday life that has been ported to the Sonical CosmOS sodftware.

Rather than using traditional headphone reproduction, Cingo creates a more lifelike experience in which sound sources are perceived around the listener for a more immersive auditory environment. Low-latency dynamic head tracking provides an immersive and stable sound image that always keeps the user in the sweet spot.

Any audio input can benefit from the Fraunhofer technology – from channel-based stereo to fully fledged 3D audio using state-of-the-art object-based formats. To meet all requirements of up-to-date headphone solutions, Cingo delivers personalization options such as content-specific presets, loudness as well as dialogue enhancement, and device-specific equalization.

This is well suited to the Headphone 3.0 platform developed by Sonical that aims to make use of the development is DSP processing power and sensor in wearable designs. The platform relies on Sonical’s CosmOS wearable operating system platform that allows high level  code to be configured by quickjly implementors to match their use cases. It is then possible to pick and choose from them to create custom, specialized feature sets to match devices’ or users’ specific requirements.

The Cingo technology has been ported to CosmOS to allow for configuration to different devices and to gather highly relevant feedback from partners and implementors.

“The CosmOS platform allows us to deliver into an ecosystem which combines a growing portfolio of cutting-edge solutions with ease of implementation,” said Adrian Lorenz, Product Manager of Headphone Processing at Fraunhofer IIS. “The innovative approach of Sonical and the entire CosmOS developer community drives the change towards the next generation of smart personal audio devices, for which we are excited to deliver solutions like dynamic spatial audio with Fraunhofer Cingo.”

“We are excited to partner with Fraunhofer IIS,” says Gary Spittle, CEO at Sonical. “They understand that a platform approach such as CosmOS is just as much about meeting a range of user and product needs as about trialing multiple approaches and solutions. Cingo with its flexible profile and several customization options is a great fit for our philosophy that puts the user first, and we look forward to seeing how our partnership will develop.”




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