Hyundai and Kia select Infineon HybridPACK 1 power modules for their HEVs

Hyundai and Kia select Infineon HybridPACK 1 power modules for their HEVs

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Hyundai and Kia are ramping up production of their hybrid fleet and plan to increase their presence mainly in the North American and Korean Markets. Infineon has already started to deliver its HybridPACK 1 power module which was specifically designed for use in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (HEV) applications for a power range of up to 30 kW. Typically, there are two power modules in use in full hybrid cars. Compared to a combustion engine vehicle a hybrid car with its regenerative braking and boost functionality saves about 15 to 35 percent of fuel.

Infineon’s HybridPACK 1 power module has a key role in controlling and powering the hybrid electrical motor being the energy bridge between the battery system and the HEV drive. The HybridPACK 1 is responsible to translate the direct current (DC) from the battery into alternating current (AC), which drives the electric motor, and from AC back to DC to charge the battery system using braking energy.

Infineon claims it is the world’s first automotive semiconductor manufacturer capable of providing automotive quality power modules in high-volume, for hybrid and electric vehicles. The Infineon HybridPACK 1 power module helps to reduce the physical size and weight of the inverter system, achieving the required power rating of up to 30 kW while using up to 30 percent less semiconductor area compared to other available solutions. The performance of the power semiconductors used in the power module also contributes to a simpler cooling system for the inverter.

Infineon produces its IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) chips and emitter-controlled diodes for automotive power modules in Villach, Austria. The HybridPACK power modules are manufactured in Warstein, Germany.

The HybridPACK 1 is one of a family of several power modules engineered specifically for advanced vehicle applications, based on Infineon’s IGBT and emitter-controlled diode technology. Infineon’s hybrid systems consisting of microcontrollers, power modules with IGBT chips and related control electronics reduce electrical power losses by one fifth enabling simpler cooling systems. Infineon IGBTs provide several advantages for applications in HEV power systems, including lower conduction losses and reduced switching losses, with the combined effect of reducing size by up to 30 percent for equivalent output performance compared to alternatives. The current generation of Infineon IGBT is rated for a maximum junction temperature of 150 °C.

Specifically engineered for hybrid inverter applications, HybridPACK 1 uses a flat copper base-plate combined with high-performance ceramic substrate and Infineon’s enhanced wire-bonding process to improve lifespan related to thermal cycling by a factor of three and lifespan related to power cycling reliability by a factor of two.

More information on Infineon’s automotive semiconductor portfolio, on its HEV products and power modules are available at and and

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