Surround haptics: a gamers’ dream?

February 04, 2019 // By Julien Happich
Surround haptics: a gamers’ dream?
After it launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign back in summer 2016 to prove the commercial relevance of its wearable haptics solutions, German startup Lofelt GmbH has doubled in size from less than 10 employees at the time to over 20 people full-time now and it could double again by the end of this year, according to CEO Daniel Büttner.

Daniel Büttner, chief executive officer at Lofelt GmbH

eeNews Europe caught up with Büttner for an update on the company’s business plans, soon after the startup’s haptics engines had been demonstrated at CES, integrated in Razer’s HyperSense ecosystem and currently shipping in the OEM’s wireless PC gaming headset “Razer Nari Ultimate”.

Büttner was keen to remember the Basslet Kickstarter campaign, one of the top 5 most funded tech projects out of Germany, collecting just about 600,000 Euros in a month.

“Another milestone for the company was that we were able to ship all the products in the same year, within six months of ending up the Kickstarter campaign, to thousands of backers in 67 different countries. It is very rare for Kickstarter projects to ship on time” Büttner said.

“Money from the Kickstarter campaign helped grow the company, now our next stage of growth is to go into the B2B technology space. Basslet was more of a proof-of-concept to show our haptics engine in consumer devices, but immediately we knew it had many applications beyond wearables and headsets, so we approached tier-one mobile phone and gaming OEMs” the CEO explained.

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