Xsens delivers open-source API for its motion trackers

February 22, 2019 // By Julien Happich
Xsens delivers open-source API for its motion trackers
The MT Software Suite 2019 released by Xsens provides for the first time an open-source applications programming interface (API) to enable users to develop applications to run on many embedded computing platforms.

The new suite is a fully upgraded version of the existing software package for Xsens' MTi-series of industrial motion trackers. The updated graphical user interface (GUI) for the MT Software Development Kit comes with a fresh look and feel, and improved signposting of functions.

The new open-source API, called XDA (Xsens Device API), is intended for use on any computing platform that runs a Windows or Linux operating system. Many developers will continue to create applications to run on a PC or laptop, but increasing numbers are developing prototypes and even finished products on third-party embedded computing platforms such as Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard or ODROID. The open-source XDA gives developers access to the code for the first time to enable them to compile it for these platforms, for other third-party boards, or for proprietary embedded computing platforms. They can also modify or extend the XDA to support the particular requirements of their development project. The new open XDA also greatly facilitates debugging and application problem-solving, because users can now see in detail the message flow between an MTi-series module and the host application.

Other enhancements of the MT Software Suite 2019 release include extended NMEA message support, a uniform set of application examples across all supported programming languages, an upgraded Magnetic Field Mapping function which makes it easier for the end user to perform a calibration routine for any MTi-series module.

Xsens - www.xsens.com

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