Crypto Quantique joins RISC-V International

Crypto Quantique joins RISC-V International

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By Nick Flaherty

London-based embedded security startup Crypto Quantique has joined RISC-V International, the industry group for the open standard processor technology.

“Our mission is to provide seamless end-to-end security for the IoT market. Becoming a member of RISC-V International will bring enhanced IoT device security to an innovative open-source instruction set architecture,” said Shahram Mossayebi. “Our focus and partnerships around the RISC-V ecosystem will ideally lead to the democratisation of security and compute in future designs.”

The company was one of the first to support the latest post-quantum encryption algorithms announced by NIST in the US, and has deals with chip makers including STMicroelectronics, Renesas and Microchip to provide security infrastructure for embedded devices.

It is also working with RISC-V processor core suppliers Codasip and Andes Technologies. It worked with XtremeEDA to add custom security features Codasip L31 RISC-V processor, and Andes uses the company’s quantum-driven semiconductor root-of-trust IP, called QDID, and the company’s chip-to-cloud IoT device security management platform, QuarkLink.

Crypto Quantique also joined the AndeSentry security framework, which provides a variety of security solutions for Andes RISC-V processors, countering threats ranging from cyber-attacks to physical attacks.

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