Cypress launches single-chip TrueTouch controller based on Gen4 technology for tablets, ultrabooks and laptops

Cypress launches single-chip TrueTouch controller based on Gen4 technology for tablets, ultrabooks and laptops

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Gen4 also has the lowest active power consumption, unparalleled tracking accuracy and the fastest refresh rates. The device provides full support for major mobile operating systems including Win8 and Android.     The new CY8CTMA1036 uses a 32-bit ARM Cortex core, and offers 65 sensing I/O channels with support for up to 1036 nodes on the screen, 35 percent more than any other single-chip solution. Additional sensing channels are essential for greater accuracy, linearity, support for smaller sized fingers and the ability to resolve multiple fingers close together.     

“We’re getting the same positive reaction from tablet manufacturers as we did from the handset sector,” said Dhwani Vyas, Vice President of Cypress’s User Interface Business Unit. “Customers are excited to apply the benefits of Gen4’s noise immunity, low power and superior performance in a single-chip package to their tablet designs. We’re sampling multiple customers now and expect to start production shipments by the end of this quarter.”     

The Gen4 family was designed from the ground up to deliver the world’s highest SNR in real world applications. It is the first and only touchscreen IC that delivers built-in 10V Tx to drive the touch panel at 10V.  Because SNR is directly proportional to the voltage at which the panel is driven, this feature allows Cypress to offer nearly four times the SNR of the next closest competitor.     

The Gen4 family further raises the SNR bar as the first touchscreen device family to completely eliminate display noise in hardware. Gen4’s patent-pending Display Armor offers unprecedented immunity to noise from every type of display, even noisy low-cost displays such as ACVCOM LCDs. This allows touchscreen designers to make their products thinner by removing the air gap between the display and the sensor, and also less expensive by removing the shield layer in the sensor. Display Armor allows Gen4 to operate seamlessly with direct lamination, on-cell and in-cell stackups, regardless of the display chemistry.     

In addition to unmatched noise performance, the Gen4 platform offers the world’s lowest active power consumption of 2 mW, and a deep sleep mode that only draws 1.8 uW with wake-up via address match on the COM port. Shortened battery life is a common issue for smartphones and other portable touchscreen devices. Gen4 gives OEMs another tool to help solve this problem. The Gen4 product family also boasts the industry’s fastest refresh rate of 400 Hz, and has the unique ability to scan a capacitive touch panel at 1,000 Hz – both industry-best metrics. This level of performance is enabled by the 32-bit ARM Cortex core at the heart of the Gen4 products. The Gen4 family enables unlimited touch performance, while providing the industry’s best accuracy and linearity of 0.2 mm.     

The Gen4 family also offers features that only TrueTouch can deliver, including waterproofing functionality that allows products to meet IP-67 standards; 1-mm stylus support for Asian character sets and accurate handwriting capture; and hover sensing to provide mouseover-like features and true fingernail or thick-glove support in mobile devices. Cypress’s patent-pending ability to switch dynamically between self-capacitive and mutual-capacitive sensing methods in application enables these differentiating features. Cypress now has over 250 issued and pending patents pertaining to touchscreens.      

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