Keba teams for world’s most precise robot

November 17, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
Keba teams for world’s most precise robot
A cooperation between controller specialist Keba and cycloidal gear maker Nabtesco aims to create the world's most precise industrial robot.

Two robotics experts are bundling their expertise, experience and know-how to develop industrial robots with the highest precision available on the market.

The accuracy of the gears can strongly influence the robot path accuracy, which is why the two companies have been researching the technology separately for many years.  While Nabtesco steadily increases the precision of gears, Keba continuously improves the software models compensating robot inaccuracies. Identifying the relevant parameters, however, is a painstaking process, due to lack of transparency. Integrating gearbox-specific data and characteristics directly from the manufacturer into the controller will enable robots with the precision of a machine tool.

The aim is to enable the manufacture robots with point and path accuracy down to hundredths of a millimetre using software. The system is ucrrently being tested and will be used by robot maker autonox Robotics, formerly MAJAtronic, in Willstaedt, Germany.

The software-based solution offers numerous advantages over smart sensors, including lower costs, reduced system complexity, and improved data quality. Another aspect is that not all data can be detected by means of external sensors. This applies for example to rigidity. Nabtesco conducts numerous tests before introducing a gearbox to learn exactly how the gearbox will behave as a result of wear or exposure to the effects of temperature and lubricants. All of these parameters are included in the development of the Keba control system.

Two stages are planned. The first is a Nabtesco add-on with generalised data of a particular gearbox model, while the second is an additional upgrade for even higher precision with the specific data of the gearboxes ultimately to be installed.

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