Rugged TFEL displays operate from -60 to +105°C

March 14, 2017 //By Julien Happich
Rugged TFEL displays operate from -60 to +105°C
Beneq has introduced new TFEL displays from its Lumineq line with an exceptionally wide operating range (instant on from -60°C to +105°C without any external heating or cooling) with stable optical performance across the operating temperature range.

The rugged Lumineq displays offer a high luminance, a viewing angle greater than 179°, a response time under 1ms and constant contrast regardless of environment temperature. The brightness of Lumineq displays is extremely stable, measured performance after 100 000 hours is over 85% of the initial luminance. The thin film electroluminescent displays come with two display interface options, SPI and LVDS. The products with SPI interfaces offer the possibility to drive several Lumineq displays with one master controller without separate display controllers, which results in lower total cost for the complete display solution. The Lumineq TFEL displays with LVDS interfaces also exhibit very wide operating and survival temperature ranges and add the possibility of using gray shades and a built-in display frame memory for improved luminance and frame rates.

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